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Smoke detectors and residential dwelling unit definition

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Augusta Disorderly House Ordinance

Augusta Life Safety Code Adoption and code inspection

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Index to the Ask the Lawyer Column

What are the recent changes in the law concerning Sheriff’s service of eviction
pleadings upon tenants?
February 2014 Newsletter
What are the new requirements for radon testing of residential rentals? January 2014 Newsletter
I own some apartments under my own name, and others through a Limited Liability Company. Can I prosecute my own evictions in Court without an attorney? December 2013 Newsletter
A tenant told me her boyfriend would be staying with her as a guest for a week. Three weeks later he is still in the apartment. She made up an extra key for him, and he chipped in toward the recent rent payment. Is the boyfriend now a tenant? November 2013 Newsletter
How did LD 1198 change the laws concerning landlords? February 2013 Newsletter
How did the changes in the law under LD 1198 affect evictions? December 2012 Newsletter
Laws and rules regarding rent and rent increases November 2012 Newsletter
Cultivation of Medical Marijuana October 2012 Newsletter

Profiteering in Rents – Title 10 §1106.

April 2011 Newsletter

Tenants and Medical Marijuana – Title 22 §2421 et. seq.

February 2011 Newsletter

The Common Nuisance and House of Ill Fame

January 2011 Newsletter

Rental Agents / Personal Liability of Agents

December 2010 Newsletter

Death of a tenant – or Landlord

November 2010 Newsletter

Abandoned Property – Title 14 M.R.S.A. §6013

October 2010 Newsletter
Cash For Keys and Clunkers September 2010 Newsletter
Tenancies at Will: Notice to Quit Elements-Title 14 §6002 June 2010 Newsletter
New Penalties for Mistreatment of Security Deposits-Title 14 §6038  May 2010 Newsletter
Warranty of Habitability, Expansion and Implications April 2010 Newsletter
Tenancies at Will: Landlord / Tenant rights March 2010 Newsletter
Understanding the Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA SCRA) February 2010 Newsletter
Professional Rental Agents and Managers:Advantages and Disadvantages January 2010 Newsletter
Radon Testing and Mitigation December 2009 Newsletter
New law affects equipment used for solar clothes drying November 2009 Newsletter
New Requirements for Carbon Monoxide Detectors and
Smoke Detectors
October 2009 Newsletter
Fair Housing Tests and Maine
Human Right s Complaints
September 2009 Newsletter
Liens against rental property to secure payment of utility services June 2009 Newsletter
Proposed new laws affecting foreclosures against landlords May 2009 Newsletter
Installation of cable television and over the air devices. April 2009 Newsletter
Payment in full is Payment in full if you deposit it March 2009 Newsletter
Screw the rent get a tattoo February 2009 Newsletter
Service Animals January 2009 Newsletter
Transfer of Security Deposits December 2008 Newsletter
Civil Penalties for Bad Checks - Part 2 November 2008 Newsletter
Negotiating Worthless Instruments - Part 1 October 2008 Newsletter
Some people are not fit to be a landlord, nor a tenant September 2008 Newsletter
May a landlord impose a “fuel/oil surcharge” during an ongoing tenancy? June 2008 Newsletter
Dangerous conditions requiring minor repairs May 2008 Newsletter
Heating Standards: April 2008 Newsletter
Presumption of Retaliation March 2008 Newsletter
Code violations, agents & owners February 2008 Newsletter
Subletting and Assignment. December 2007 Newsletter
More Newly Enacted Landlord/Tenant Laws November 2007 Newsletter
New Law Requires Notice of Repairs in Older Buildings October 2007 Newsletter
Practical tidbits September 2007 Newsletter
Section 8 Subsidized Housing Program, and renting to subsidized tenants June 2007 Newsletter
Section 8 Subsidized Housing - Part II of III The Fine Print May 2007 Newsletter
Section 8 Subsidized Housing - Part I of III - An Overview April 2007 Newsletter
General Assistance Vouchers March 2007 Newsletter
Electric metering in common areas February 2007 Newsletter
Access to premises; Title 14 § 6025. January 2007 Newsletter
Access to premises; Title 14 § 6025. December 2006 Newsletter
Security Deposits - Part III of III November 2006 Newsletter
Security Deposits – Part II of III October 2006 Newsletter
Security Deposits – Part I of III September 2006 Newsletter
Left behind furnishings and other valuable personal property June 2006 Newsletter
Residential Energy Efficiency Disclosure Statement May 2006 Newsletter
Prosecute evictions in court without a lawyer April 2006 Newsletter
Abandonment of the tenancy - an early termination of the lease March 2006 Newsletter